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True Boundaries: How to Create Safety and Respect in Relationships Around Money 

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 What kinds of problems arise when true boundaries do not exist? Overspending, financial enabling, financial dependence, etc. When most people talk about boundaries, they are actually talking about limits.  A limit is not a boundary. In this webinar you will learn about the components of a true boundary. We will talk about the difference between limits, walls, punishments, rewards and consequences. The purpose of establishing boundaries around finances is to create more respect and safety in financial relationships.  We will explore boundaries parents may want to set with their children or each other around finances and financial therapists with their clients. 


Presenter: Dave Jetson LPC-MH

Creativity, energy, enthusiasm, and the ability to simplify and clearly describe complex human patterns are the qualities Dave Jetson brings to his audiences. He is a national and international speaker, workshop developer, and the author of Finding Emotional Freedom: Access the Truth your Brain Already Knows and Setting True Boundaries: How to Create Respect, Safety, and Freedom in Relationships. In his therapy practice, he uses intuitive experiential therapy to help clients heal emotional trauma. His team-building presentations for businesses and organizations focus on how individuals' emotional history affects the work environment. His skill in reading body language enhances his work with clients and helps him tailor his presentations to the needs of his audiences. Dave specializes in all forms of trauma, depression, anxiety, marriage and relationships, mild traumatic brain injury issues, the psychology of money, and deals with family issues, group therapy, and workshops.

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