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The Financial Therapy Association Network is a consumer and media resource. Individuals listed in the FTA Network are members of the Financial Therapy Association who have self-identified themselves as providing services that promote a vision of financial therapy. Those listed in the FTA Network have paid a fee to the Association. The FTA cannot guarantee the services of those listed in the FTA Network.


Baker, Maggie  

Barr, Judith

Benson, April

Bohls, Michelle  VIDEO

Bross, Susan 

Bryan-Podvin, Lindsay 

Callahan, William 

Case, Linda

Coambs, Ed  

Dammann, Eric

Dunkle, Jennifer

Faupl, Thomas

Feinberg, Barbara

Fuhrmann, Ryan 

Givens, Roderick

Gourguechon, Prudence 

Gresham, Mary

Gruber, Judith

Hagen, Derek 

Haines, Kathy 

Henson, Shellee

Hudler, Mariah 

Jetson, Dave

Kahler, Rick

Kaplan, Debra

Kautzer, Denise

Kelley, Maureen

Kingsbury, Kathleen Burns  VIDEO

Kizer, Ed

Klontz, Ted

Komarow, Andrew 

Krueger, David 

Lennon, Colleen 

Lyons, Cécile

Malec, Anne

Metz, Jeff

Norris, Robin

Osequeda, Nicolle

Ray, Danielle

Scherr, Alison

Shinal, Jeffrey

Spence, Nikiya

Swantner, Sarah 

Teitelbaum, Stanley

Walker, Aldo 

Wechter, Marilyn 

Wright, Wendy 

Younger, Sade