Apply to be Listed / Annual Renewals

  • The Financial Therapy Association receives many inquiries from individuals seeking assistance from a professional who practices financial therapy.
  • Additionally, the media often contacts FTA for experts on topics related to FT. 
  • FTA refers to this list to reply to inquiries from both individuals and the media.
  • Members in good standing may apply to be listed. Join FTA here.

How to become listed in the Network?

  1. You must be a current and paid-up FTA Member to apply. If you are not a Member, please join here.
  2. The cost to be listed is currently $100 per year. All network listings renew on October 1 annually. Partial years are not pro-rated. Pay here, please. 
  3. There is an application process, described below:
  • Download and complete the Financial Therapist Network Listing Application form Part I and Part II. It will ask for a photo, a description of your practice, and you may also attach a link to a 60-second Vimeo to describe your practice with a short video. 
  • When it has been accepted, and the $100 annual listing fee paid, we will then complete your listing on the FTA Website within one week. You may update your listing as needed using page one of the form and emailing to [email protected] 

Annual Network Renewal 

  • Annual renewals are based on calendar year (i.e. January - December).
  • Renewals must be made by December 31 of each year in order to maintain website listing.
  • Pay here in order to renew your annual membership.