About the Journal of Financial Therapy

The Journal of Financial Therapy is the leading peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the dissemination of clinical, experimental, survey, and qualitative research that explores the interconnections between and among personal financial planning, financial counseling, marriage and family therapy, psychology, social work, and other helping professional fields. 

JFT is edited by Dr. Kristy Archuleta and is published through the New Prairie Press. Submission information and guidelines can be found at http://www.jftonline.org

JFT is

  • peer reviewed
  • open access
  • indexed internationally

Editorial Board

Kristy L. Archuleta, Kansas State University

Associate Editor of Profiles and Book Reviews
Emily Burr, Kansas State University
Martie Gillen, University of Florida

Editorial Board
Dr. Jerry Gale, University of Georgia
Jeffrey P. Dew, Utah State University
Dr. Clinton G. Gudmunson, Iowa State University
Dr. John Grable, University of Georgia
Dr. Sandra Huston, Texas Tech University
Dr. So-Hyun Joo, Ewha Woman's University
Dr. Wm. Marty Martin, DePaul University & Reflections Psychological Services
Marcee Yager, Financial Vision
Dr. Brad Klontz, Kansas State University & Klontz Consulting
Richard S. Kahler, Kahler Financial
Dr. James Grubman, Family Wealth Consulting
Dr. Joseph Goetz, University of Georgia
Dr. James M. Dodson, Clarksville Behavioral Health
Dr. Eric J. Dammann
Dr. Sonya L. Britt, Kansas State University
Joe W. Lowrance, Lowrance Psychology
Dr. Martin Seay, Kansas State University
Laura Bonella, Kansas State University Libraries